The Alchemists: Welcome to the Asylum

A Steampunk Conceptual shoot


A single car I had seen in a photo inspired this group shoot. I had never been particularly drawn to the Steampunk look or genre, and nothing having to do with it really caught my eye until I came across this one image in a random website scroll. Then within a few minutes I had wardrobe, models, the overall look in my head for this edgy squad. I envisioned a matriarch of sorts (Tammy Kelly) and some 'Men At Arms' flanking her, the gaurds of the group almost, along with a  society of different women, each unique in their own look as well as their outfits.
We shot it over the course of 4 hours with off and on rain. I photoshopped the train in to add some visual authenticity to this conceptual story, and removed anything and everything that looked too modern in the background. I am all about the details! 



All images © Carrie Hampton Photography 

Concept/Styling/Direction: Carrie Hampton 

Models: Caitlin Henning, Jordan Ganschow, Victorio Piva, Laura Mason, Sam Schoelkoph, Lauren Gough, Vanessa Hopwood, Megan SmithSick, Ashellina Benson 

Contributing MUAHs: Unique Irish, Kasey Ellis 

Truck: Dave Hoxy's 'Kranky Franky'

Venue: Full Steam Bistro, Boise, ID 

Wardrobe: group effort! 

"We're All Mad here"

The Alchemists video and behind the scenes, to Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones.
*I do not own the rights to this music, it has been used strictly for storytelling purposes