Kamakazee apparel's cruel summer shoot


Kamakazee Crush All

Sometimes mixing business with pleasure can't be helped! And shooting Kamakazee Clothing's summer campaign with a ton of hot bikinis and ballcaps and tank tops was all of both, all day. I wanted a feel of summer fun and a day trip to the lake with friends, laughs, rafts, beers, and everything that comes to mind when you think of hanging out with your friends in the summer. 


Photography/Concept/Direction: Carrie Hampton 

Models: Jade Hassen, Shawn Schnitker, Amanda Watts, Leroy Hayes, Candis Standridge, Jenna Lantz , RyAnn Lantz, Veronica Marie, Victorio Piva

Wardrobe: www.wearekamakazee.com 

its a cruel summer

Video creation: Carrie Hampton