carnival of souls


The haunted location

This was a group shootout the day before Halloween, at an abandoned school built in 1910. The new owner who bought the property to restore it had to hire a 24/7 caretaker there due to kids vandalizing the property and breaking windows. The caretaker, Lloyd, who was a little eccentric and peculiar himself, said that he often heard chatter and giggling in the midnight hours.
The owner of the property told me some history on the place, that the previous owner and his family had lived there after the school had closed, and that his wife and children had been murdered on the property. The man had continued to live there and turned into a recluse before passing away in 1985.


Familiar faces of horror

Several characters brough to life at the shootout were Jigsaw from the movie Saw, the Grim reaper, and Mr. Jason Voorhees himself from Friday the 13th.



All images © Carrie Hampton Photography 

Models: Megan SmithSick / Amanda Williams / Tania Hummel / Amanda Villanueva / Shawn Sick / Brenda Swan & Michael Swan / Lloyd the Caretaker as the Hangman

MUAH for Jigsaw on Amanda: