Personal portraits with Brenda

When less is more

Brenda is a very striking model and hair & make-up artist who I coveted to shoot over the past year. She's the opposite of most female models though in the fact that she is indifferent on having her schedule packed with photo sessions and is decidedly selective on who she spends time working with in front of the camera. After we started narrowing down a date to get a session done, I knew I wanted to do something different than she HAD done in the recent years; which meant no heavy make-up, no rock and roll clothes, no vamp or glam or 100% vixen. I wanted softer, minimal everything, natural light, a direct connection with just her, her surroundings and myself. Everything just pared down and bared down.
When she arrived for the session pretty much fresh faced with barely any make up, she remarked how "naked" she felt and almost vulnerable, definitely out of her comfort zone. And that's exactly what I wanted to hear because I wanted that feel to come through the pics. Yes we still wanted confident, alluring, feminine - just a different KIND of those things. What made me most satisfied was the fact that she trusted me and what I was visualizing to not only jump in with both feet, but to not doubt me or question me about how I wanted to stylize this minimalistic set.
Seeing a model shine in a way they hadn't expected to and therefor being a catalyst in a new way they see themselves is one of the reasons my job is so rewarding. 

Ransom & Shelby | Elopement

Embrace the Elegance

In a year full of barn weddings and boho vibes, it was a welcome change to shoot an elegantly styled winter bride. Whatever happened to jewels, dramatic veils, and intricate gowns full of tulle and lace? This gorgeous couple brought it to life and some of their images look as though they are walking on clouds. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... 


All photos © Carrie Hampton Photography 

Gown/Veil/Accessories: Something Old, Something New Boutique, Eagle, ID
MUAH: Beauty by Chelsea / Just Wing It 

Assist: Brian Tanner
Styling/Direction/Bouquet: Carrie Hampton 

Maternity with Anessa

It's a boy

I met a Anessa and her family at the park and she braved the cold and was just glowing. We did several different looks for her session, including her boyfriend and her dog in a matching scarf, now that was pretty funny. She's expecting a boy soon and I was so happy to be able to capture these moments for her.